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Founded by a team of insurance veterans and climate scientists, Descartes Underwriting operates at a global scale, offering data-driven parametric insurance against climate risk. The challenge of climate change calls for a revolutionary approach to insurance. At Descartes, we are fully dedicated to creating a new generation of parametric solutions: fully transparent, customized to the client’s needs and providing swift claims payment. Descartes’ innovative edge stems from our ability to integrate new data sources, including IoT, satellite imagery, stationary sensors, radar and third party data, and apply proprietary algorithms to unlock risk insights.
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About Descartes Underwriting
About Descartes Underwriting

Our Founding Story

Descartes Underwriting was born of the conviction that new technologies can deeply transform the insurance industry, reducing friction and restoring trust in the market. We saw a gap between the traditional insurance approach and the risk exposure needs of corporations and governments against extreme weather and climate change. Our parametric approach is built from objective data which drives transparency, from quote to quick payout if a risk event occurs. We address the full spectrum of climate risks, at a more affordable premium. 

Our global offices

About Descartes Underwriting


About Descartes Underwriting

New York

About Descartes Underwriting


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About Descartes Underwriting


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About Descartes Underwriting


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Climate risks covered & key figures

Descartes is proud to be the largest parametric specialized firm globally. We offer parametric coverage for all natural catastrophic perils, across all trade sectors, & all geographies. Structured as a Managing General Agent, we write on A-rated paper supported by best-in-class (re)insurers.

corporate & public sector clients
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About Descartes Underwriting


Transparent and affordable coverage against: cyclone, flooding, earthquake, hail, wildfire & bushfire, tsunami, tornado, and more
About Descartes Underwriting

Agriculture& Forestry

Parametric insurance policies customized for exposure against: yield, drought, excess rain, frost, crop production, hail, forestry storm damage, wildfire, smoke taint, and more
About Descartes Underwriting


Flexible solutions for renewables including lack or excess of rainfall, wind, or solar radiation; as well as conventional sources, including energy demand fluctuations due to mild winter, and more
About Descartes Underwriting


Parametric insurance that also covers: supply chain or non-damage business interruption, adverse weather construction delays, low or high river level transportation impacts, heatwave, & more

Our GlobalClient Base

Founded by veteran insurers and data scientists, we offer our parametric insurance solutions at a global scale. 

We underwrite and innovate against all natural catastrophic perils, across all trade sectors, in over 60 countries around the world. Our policies are written on A-rated securities and we partner with best-in-class (re)insurers. Thanks to our valuable partnerships, we have the ability to deploy up to $200M in capacity per contract. 

As we collaborate with more brokers to help them bring the value proposition of parametrics to their client base, our in-force portfolio is rapidly expanding. More than 150 corporate and public sector clients have already chosen Descartes to protect themselves against climate risks, many of whom are Fortune 500. Consider joining them for a smarter insurance program and more resilient future.

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Industry Recognitions

About Descartes Underwriting

2018 FinTech for Tomorrow Award (Finance for Tomorrow)

About Descartes Underwriting

InsurTech of the Year 2019 (Finance Innovation)

About Descartes Underwriting

Trophées de l’Assurance Product Innovation 2020

About Descartes Underwriting

‘2020 Pitch Your Start-up Award’


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