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Descartes’ Culture & Values

At Descartes Underwriting we value diversity across multiple dimensions – cultural, cognitive, leadership & experience. Our diverse multilingual and multicultural team is core to our value proposition, allowing us to think & build globally from the first iteration. We seek talents who will add additional analytical perspectives & insights.


Job offers

North America

Product Owner

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Comptable Junior

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Comptable Junior (Alternance)

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Growth Marketing Manager

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Senior Operations Executive

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Business Operations (Alternance)

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Business Development Director - Singapore

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Engineering Manager Scientific Engine (Python)

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Business Development Manager - North America

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Senior Business Developer - Europe

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Data Scientist

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DevOps Engineer

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Tech at Descartes




Google Cloud Platform



Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to apply for a role at Descartes Underwriting?

Each job opening is advertised on our Careers Page, LinkedIn and Welcome to the Jungle profile. Positions are opened and recruited for year-round. Applications to work at Descartes are accepted via the above platforms. We require a CV attached to your application, and strongly recommend a cover letter, highlighting your motivation and reasons for applying!
Once an application is submitted, candidates will receive an acknowledgement email. Our hiring team will review each application before responding to each candidate within a matter of days, regardless of the outcome.

Which profiles does Descartes Underwriting hire?

As a fast growing company, Descartes hires English-speaking profiles from a mixture of backgrounds including students, interns, recent graduates, PhD candidates as well as experienced candidates.

We offer a variety of contracts, namely full-time positions, end of study internships and apprenticeships to candidates from many industries. Although prior experience in Insurance may be valuable in certain instances, this is not essential for all vacancies. More information on requirements for each position can be found on the relevant job description.

Which locations does Descartes Underwriting hire in?

Descartes currently hires for the following locations: Paris, New York, Singapore, Sydney & London. Each role advertised will have its associated location shown.

At present, Descartes’ technical & data science teams are based in our HQ in Paris only.

How can I prepare for an interview with Descartes Underwriting?

When applying for positions and preparing for interviews, it’s always essential to ensure you understand the job description and conduct research on the company. Each role has its own tailored recruitment process, with various interviews assessing important elements. These include your motivation, technical skills relating to the role, as well as culture fit, so be ready to present yourself to your interviewer.

At Descartes Underwriting, we believe that interviews are a two-way street, so our teams are always happy to answer your questions relating to the role you’ve applied for, our team, the company, etc! At every stage of the process, we dedicate time to a small Q&A session.

Does Descartes organize recruiting events?

Our Talent team organize frequent webinars to present employment opportunities in Data Science at Descartes Underwriting. Joined by a member of our Data Science team, a business use case is presented, as well as tips and information on preparing to apply to positions within the company.


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