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Descartes at Planete CSCA’s Le Tour des Régions

Descartes at Planete CSCA’s Le Tour des Régions

Violaine Raybaud, Head of Business Development at Descartes Underwriting, spoke at Planete CSCA about the changing needs and climate in the insurance industry. Violaine shared her insights into how it is now in the broker’s hands to find the alternative solutions to climate change.  

Delving into parametric solutions, Violaine shared that “parametric insurance often intervenes to replace traditional solutions, which have become too expensive and too difficult to close the contract. As an example, recently on a solar farm, our broker took hail out of his client’s traditional program and placed it separately in parametric insurance.”

Bertrand de Surmont, President of Planete CSCA, highlighted the simplicity and speed of pay-out that parametric insurance offers to clients. 

Watch the full round-table discussion and learn more about our parametric solutions